An internet tour throughout the city of Urbino.


We came to the realization that the internet is frequently referred
to through metaphors such as "the cloud", something intangible that floats above us, something we can use for many different needs but we can't really see or touch, feeding into an idea that strips it off of its materiality.
But the truth is that although we're not very prone to pay attention to it, the internet has a physical side too, and it's all around us. This project is about the physical infrastructures of the electronic network and trying to find out basic knowledge to answer a simple question; the internet is something we use everyday but we know very little about, so where is it coming from?


We went around the city and put up posters with coordinates of what we considered to be key sites of the local infrastructure.
Passers–by are encouraged to identify those coordinates and reach the place, where they will find a sticker with a QR code. Scanning the code allows them to send an email to an account which will reply with the coordinates of the next location of the tour as well as the link to our website where they can read some short information about the infrastructures.

Looking for the internet – Urbino Internet Tour is a group project developed during the workshop "Embodying infrastructure" held by Mario Santamaría and Matteo Guidi @ ISIA U (13.10.20-16.10.20).